Fit in your skin

As my blog name say it all that I’m a dusky girl so as a startup I’m beginning with my frame of reference regarding brown complexion I’m not here to put fairer women down or to offend anyone but I often noticed girls and boys with brown skin doesn’t feel confident. It all happen because we feel that we aren’t pretty we’re not capable of competing with other women and men with pale complexion and muscularity. India is a country where person’s skin color decides status of a person, and those with dark complexion are ranked poor. This thinking of people lead to unwillingness, unconsciousness and distress within a person. Minority of people in India are pale as compared to dusky. Many Bollywood beauties are dark such as Kajol, Deepika padukone, and the most talented Priyanka Chopra who is now proving and breaking the stereotype internationally that only fair skin is not gateway to success. 

 I’m dusky myself moreover I’m a girl and for a girl makeup is mandatory to illuminate our beauty and I know how embarrassing it is when I’m not able to find that perfect compact or foundation to go with my skin but I don’t feel discouraged because it’s totally okay no one is perfect in this huge world. Many times it has happened to me when my close ones also tease me calling black potato but I hardly pay any concern to it. We should believe in ourselves we should take a lesson from all those women out there representing India on an international level with dusky skin Ms America 2014 Nina davuluri first contestant of Indian descent to win the Miss America Competition “proud moment for every Indian out there”. Colorism and racism is not build in since we’re born it’s human line of thought and it’s generated within us as we grow and what our parents or surrounding teaches us. I personally feel that concerning this topic every parent should teach their children from childhood to treat everyone equal and not being a racist. 


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  1. Raja says:

    Racism is a part of our society from the early era of freedom and no matter it’s about gender , caste or size , colour i personally witnessed and an victim of some of their comments though I hardly give a damn bt yes some people take it seriously.. Moving to the modern generation these are some unsolved facts which is still happening every seconds some or other place. Well we youngsters needs to get these topics highlighted and talk about regularly so that no one get teased on the grounds of racism!! I really appreciate you that you took such a topics to write about , keep up the good work and keep writing 🙂

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  2. Thank You theduskywomantale
    Fantastic blog
    Good luck

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