Live your passion.

As boards/final examinations are scheduled to begin I’ve come up with yet another blog elucidating about youngsters mental stress’s reason. 17-18 years old teenagers must be anxious and concerned about their future right now. Few of them will choose the field they are intended to opt and most of them will compromise with their dreams and ambitions because of many reasons some won’t be getting financial support to fulfill their dreams but majority of children will be forced to opt the field their parents want to no doubt parents are focused for our better future but sometimes it gives us stress which may contribute to the development of some illnesses within children mentally.

My friend’s story is sort of an example why we should listen to our heart. Her parents didn’t forced her but She never desired to opt BBA. She always wanted to be a Fashion Designer, her dad didn’t allow her to pursue for it. She opt BBA because of rapacity of wealth and in front of good fortune she compromised with her dreams which was probably tremendous oversight of hers. Now her grades are average. She never liked accountancy, organizing business was never her cup of tea, She can’t balance cost sheet cause her level of equilibrium is vanished don’t know wether She’s going to succeed or fail in future after few years her heart will ask her why you couldn’t made it why you didn’t listen to me.

Instead of regretting tomorrow ask yourself today can you or can you not ? I’m not asking you to revolt against your parents but try to convince them calmly ! If you don’t have interest in your respective fields you can not succeed. Don’t run after money doesn’t matter if you earn less atleast you’ll give your 100%. Doesn’t matter if your stipend is less you’ll learn a lot even Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani worked with a company for a salary of Rs.300 from nothing he achieved everything because he believed in himself. Make your passion your profession then work will become play. Before earning educate yourself and live your passion



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