Daddy turns 50.

“Dedicating this blog to my dad”

Dad is someone who knows the real meaning of sacrifice, someone who’s emotionally robust, someone who’s love can never be seen but feel, someone who never complains. For a girl his dad is his first love, his first man but We’re watching our dad getting aged, We’re watching him getting obstinate about everything. Everyone at some point think that our dad has done nothing for us but we neglect those sacrifices he made for us, we neglect that in today’s modern time when we are using iPhones he’s using keypad phone, we neglect when we obstinate about something he make sure that we get it. His whole life he worked for us, his whole life he finds happiness in our happy faces but we never understand the pain the suffering he’s going through. His whole life revolves around his family but we disregard his opinions his likes and dislikes and his love. We’ve seen people who disown their parents, we’ve seen people who leave them in old age homes, we’ve seen people who has forgotten that they taught them how to walk. But a dad will never forget his children no matter what he’s getting in return.

As a person turn 50 he gain wisdom and experience. Or he hope he do. But unfortunately his body eventually start showing signs of ageing as muscle function, healing ability and blood flow start slowing down. This is the age when we need to be more responsible regarding him, talk to him, talk about his past life, play with him spend as much time as you can spend with him cause all his life he worked now he need love and attention. We need to live for him now. A Father means so many things, an understanding heart, a source of strength and support right from the very start. A constant readiness to help in a kind and thoughtful way with encouragement and forgiveness no matter what comes your way. He’s a real superhero.
People say behind every successful woman there’s a man and for me that man will be my dad. Love your day cause he loves you the most.

#happybirthdaypapa 🙂 


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