I am just a girl.


I am just a girl, a girl with some goals a girl full of ambitions learning from her mistakes, falling down standing up with more force. I never dreamed of being a blogger but as time taught me some lessons I thought of sharing those experiences in a hope that I can help somebody who is suffering who want something to relate with. Whenever somebody tells me that he or she relates to me I feel so much of pleasure. People tried to let me down tried to stop me but I am someone who never stops for others instead I take the challenge that I can do it. Life is not easy we need to be focused on our goals our aims. My dad says that if you do not have courage of doing anything willingly then you will be left behind and I am definitely not that person. Sometimes I breakdown but then I think, I think of my family who has some expectations from me probably those expectations are my major concern to become something in my life. I am just 18 and I feel like so motivated when someone elder than me appreciates my work it just feels so right and I am absolutely not that girl who is living in a barbie world, who waits for his prince charming to fulfill her desires instead I will earn respect and will make my own identity. I do not believe in captivity we itself do this to ourselves we feel that we are not strong enough to perform that task to do that work we just need to focus. Just believe in yourself and watch yourself growing



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