I remember the first day when my dad took me to school. I was all in tears. Apparently that was the worst day of my life but fortunately it was not. I was just 5 didn’t knew how to socialize nobody does at that age but still I made few interactions. It’s all blur but few things I still remember was how my teacher used to lock me in the washroom when I didn’t do my homework, the excitement of new books bag uniform when promoted to the higher class, those art classes when we used to do hand print painting, when we used to color an owl blue and the most precious moment the summer camp. Those were the days of true happiness. Sometimes I wonder if I could go back just to relive those moments. Today everyone is experiencing heart breaks, failure, working there ass off, getting tortured in 9-5 job they all must at some point of time will be craving for those days . Yes it’s part of life that everything will pass away and we couldn’t stop it. School is a place where we met numerous of people but hardly few stays forever or probably not any. But it teaches us unity, sensibility, ability of discern pros and cons of every step we take. But still we fall cause thick and thins are natural and without it life will be tedious. On last day of school everyone promises to stay in touch but after sometime those promises of staying in contact fades away and for the last time we wave to the blank blackboard to the empty classroom to the corridors to the playground which witnessed the real us. I’ve created some prepossessing collection of memories of fights, sharing lunch, sharing every highs and lows with those friends. And now we hardly talk to them cause we’re so engaged in our new lifestyle where we barely have time to call. People start getting off, rifts in relationships. But still somehow we manage no matter how hard the situation is we’ll never forget our true friends who stood besides us every time we fall. I’m relieved that school has given me a lot of memories which I can recount to my children. We enter school life crying and leave crying but those foremost memories of school life will keep giving me chill bumps whenever I recall. It has given me bunch of friends and also a love. As we say college has witnessed what we are but school has witnessed what made us this. Through every passing year thousands of children pass their high school and feel the real nostalgics. But this is the canon of life. And we should glide with time. We can’t go back but we can maintain that friendship as long as we live. Cause forever is a lie even Romeo has to die.



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