Juvenile getaway.

In India women’s rights are said to be secured under constitution of India but these laws apparently failing when it comes to a juvenile. 2012 Delhi gang rape case. That case seized pandemic attention. Everybody’s outrage came out, public protested, thousands of people skirmished with police clashed rapid action force units. But my keynote is What people achieved doing such protests ? Did every accused got penance ? Will the girl actually Rest In Peace ever ? Rejoinder is NO. Because one of the accused has not been sanctioned rightly just because he was under 18. Juveniles delinquency law (which has been transfigure after 2012 Delhi rape case) says that any participation in illegitimate behavior of a juvenile will not be charged as a crime if he/she isn’t above 18. This law gave another turn to the Nirbhaya case.

This was announced that the teenager will not be handled as an adult instead he was convicted of three years Imprisonment even after transfiguration in juvenile delinquency after Nirbhaya case. People says Nirbhaya has got justice but nobody vigilance about the future repercussion when the juvenile bailout. Why there’s no law regarding no matter what the age is accused if found guilty will be penalized and including violent victimization through rape, acid throwing , martial rape will be hanged till death if found guilty. 

There’s no place around the world where’s a women is safe. From 3 yrs young to 75 yrs old no female is safe because some shitty males are there to exploit women in the name of lust. I’ve seen people taking preventive measures so that nothing happen to their females. I’ve seen my maid who’s a single mother from a small village in Bihar her husband is missing from past 6 years, for the better future of her child she works hard 12hrs plus 3hrs overtime so that she could avail quality lifestyle to her 6yrs old daughter. She hardly stays at home and there’s nobody to look after her daughter she dress her daughter like a guy she has trimmed her hair short just like a boy  and even she has taught her to speak like a boy. This broke my heart ! Why we can’t create a healthy surroundings and safe atmosphere for females. What was the crime ? Why Nirbhaya was brutally raped? Why we can’t prevail providing justice to the innocents ? Why we let go juvenile when they didn’t think before doing all this for pleasure then why we let go juveniles for the sake of juvenile delinquency law? Things need to change but how ? By giving speeches on national television regarding how bad they feel ? Or by protesting ? Our LAWS need to change better and quick action plans should be there. “Today’s youth is our future” and if we let go juveniles with plenty of retribution then things will never these lusty teenagers will raise more Nirbhayas for us. For me Nirbhaya is still restless.

some disturbing points from 2012 Delhi rape case:

After 16 December 2012 Case:


Affirmation of the lawyer of accused party:



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