Juvenile getaway.

In India women’s rights are said to be secured under constitution of India but these laws apparently failing when it comes to a juvenile. 2012 Delhi gang rape case. That case seized pandemic attention. Everybody’s outrage came out, public protested, thousands of people skirmished with police clashed rapid action force units. But my keynote is … Continue reading Juvenile getaway.


I remember the first day when my dad took me to school. I was all in tears. Apparently that was the worst day of my life but fortunately it was not. I was just 5 didn’t knew how to socialize nobody does at that age but still I made few interactions. It’s all blur but … Continue reading Nostalgic.

I am just a girl.

I am just a girl, a girl with some goals a girl full of ambitions learning from her mistakes, falling down standing up with more force. I never dreamed of being a blogger but as time taught me some lessons I thought of sharing those experiences in a hope that I can help somebody who … Continue reading I am just a girl.

Daddy turns 50.

“Dedicating this blog to my dad” Dad is someone who knows the real meaning of sacrifice, someone who’s emotionally robust, someone who’s love can never be seen but feel, someone who never complains. For a girl his dad is his first love, his first man but We’re watching our dad getting aged, We’re watching him … Continue reading Daddy turns 50.

Do not fall asleep after reading ! 

“Insomnia” rapidly increasing disease in today’s generation. Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, even when a person has the chance to do so. But today’s generation stay awake conversating, socializing, surfing, listening songs and blocking screen and recording snap story captioning it sleepless or insomniac. Insomnia is a common sleep problem for adults. … Continue reading Do not fall asleep after reading ! 

Live your passion.

As boards/final examinations are scheduled to begin I’ve come up with yet another blog elucidating about youngsters mental stress’s reason. 17-18 years old teenagers must be anxious and concerned about their future right now. Few of them will choose the field they are intended to opt and most of them will compromise with their dreams … Continue reading Live your passion.

Fit in your skin

As my blog name say it all that I’m a dusky girl so as a startup I’m beginning with my frame of reference regarding brown complexion I’m not here to put fairer women down or to offend anyone but I often noticed girls and boys with brown skin doesn’t feel confident. It all happen because … Continue reading Fit in your skin